Building Blanket and Roofing Accessories

Deck-Mate Insulation Spacer

Deck-Mate® Insulation Spacer (with a density of 32kg/m3) are made from high compressive strength 300kpa closed cell styrofoam... more

Foam Cell Multipurpose

3-in-1 multipurpose solution: insulation + thermal break + vapour barrier.... more

Glasswool Building Blanket

Glasswool Building Blanket is a lightweight, flexible and resilient glasswool material (sometimes referred to as mineral wool)... more

Permastop Building Blanket

Permastop® Building Blanket is ideal for use under metal roofs to provide thermal and acoustic comfort and condensation control... more

Pink® EmberGuard™ Building Blanket

Pink® EmberGuard™ building blanket is suitable for use in bushfire prone areas with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 12.5 - 40. It is a cost effective, regulatory compliant solution providing peace of mind against ember attack.... more

Roof Razor® Insulation Spacer

Leading metal insulation spacer; engineered to allow full recovery of insulation between the safety wire mesh and metal deck cladding in typical commercial roof systems.... more

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