A high performance lightweight concrete building system, available exclusively through Clennett's Trade Centres in Southern Tasmania.

Hebel is extremely lightweight yet delivers benefits beyond those normally associated with traditional masonry.

Hebel is a market leader in BCA compliance. Hebel panels and blocks are highly fire resistant (do not burn and will not explode even under extreme bushfire conditions), have high acoustic absorbing properties and, because Hebel is a masonry product with in-built insulation, it assists in improving energy ratings.

In fact, when compared to brick, Hebel has the lowest carbon footprint.

Hebel is manufactured from sand, lime and cement to which a gas-forming agent is added. During manufacture, the liberated gas expands the mixture forming extremely small, finely dispersed air pockets resulting in the finished aerated concrete that boasts benefits unmatched by traditional brick and concrete building products.

Hebel panels are also steel reinforced during manufacture for additional strength.

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Hebel Benefits

At the heart of the Hebel system is Hebel AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) supplied in either blocks or steel reinforced building panels.

The unique Hebel attributes are best summarised with the Hebel 'tick'

Faster construction period

Hebel panels and blocks are faster to construct with and generally require significantly less labour compared to traditional construction techniques and products. Building with Hebel also means less mess on-site, cleaner, safer work areas and less clean-up at completion of construction.

Hebel - as solid and tough as traditional masonry

Lightweight Hebel panels and blocks are significantly easier to manage and lift than their equivalent area in masonry/concrete. As strong and tough as masonry, yet lightweight – independent tests show that a rendered Hebel PowerPanel has comparable impact resistance to brick (Report 0164 Orica 06.09.05).

Highly fire resistant for peace of mind and added security

Highly fire resistant for peace of mind and added security Hebel is non-combustible and renowned for its highly fire resistant properties. The Hebel Block and Panel Systems achieve FRL (Fire Resistance Levels) from 60 minutes through to 240 minutes (tested at CSIRO) and meet or exceed the requirements for all six Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) categories. Another reason that when building with Hebel, you're building with peace-of-mind for your own future as well as the safety of family and friends.

A comforting thought for a comfortable living environment

Hebel's unique AAC construction provides superior insulation qualities for a masonry product. The unique combination of thermal resistance along with thermal mass, make building with Hebel a smart choice for meeting Australia's stringent building regulations. For home owners, the thermal efficiencies of Hebel has a two-fold benefit, reducing the reliance on heating and cooling appliances – the combined effects of using a heater less in winter and fans or air conditioning less in summer and warmer months, can have a big impact on rising energy costs.

A sound reason for better acoustic qualities

Hebel pioneered the introduction of lightweight wall panels providing acoustic performance levels at or above Rw + Ctr = 50 in high rise multi-residential buildings.

Sustainability for a better world starts today

Hebel delivers a diverse number of environmental benefits over brick and concrete. In an independent Life Cycle Assessment (the leading methodology used to quantify the environmental impacts of a product's entire life) undertaken by Good Environment Choice Australia, in accord with international standard ISO 14 024, Hebel was found to have clear environmental benefits across all key environmental criteria.

To be awarded the label, products must have a 30% lower impact than alternatives. Hebel uses 61% and 64% less embodied energy and 64% and 55% less greenhouse gas emissions than the comparative products, concrete and brick veneer. As environmental consciousness and social responsibility increases, Hebel is striving to exceed further to set new sustainability standards in building materials and residential living.